Movie Quips: Christmas, comedy and soccer

Movie Quips: Christmas, comedy and soccer

Movie Quips: Christmas, comedy and soccer

Wondering what to watch for the next movie night? Look no further!

Aash - Romesh Ranganathan: The Cynic

One of the better stand ups released this year. Wish it went longer!

Urvin - Fifa Uncovered

Given the current worldcup, find out about its crony organisers in more detail with FIFA Uncovered!

Archit - Unaccompanied Minors

An underrated Christmas movie featuring loveable misfits against cartoonish villains

Isha - Falling for Christmas

A terrible cliché riddled affair which fits perfectly with other Netflix self-produced garbage.

Jake - Die Hard

Loved the portrayal of conflict in Shuri when grappling with the loss of her brother. 👏🏼 Though can’t help but to think DC Aquaman got there first with the underwater kingdom.

Mihailo - American Made

Between Top Gun 1 & 2, Tom Cruise was a drug smuggling pilot for Pablo Escobar

Pankit - The Swimmers

Great movie, the story is communicated so well. It's hard to get through it without feeling emotional.

Nikita - The Holiday

Looking forward to rewatching this holiday classic! Love the British countryside, cottage/mansion swaps and cheesy love stories

Sanjana - Elf

It’s that time of year again to rewatch a childhood Christmas classic!

Tanmay - Holidate

It's the perfect film if you're looking for a romantic comedy that won't leave you with any warm and fuzzy feelings.

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