Mean Girls, yet more Dahmer and getting Bones-y

Mean Girls, yet more Dahmer and getting Bones-y

Mean Girls, yet more Dahmer and getting Bones-y

Everyone's looking for a laugh, fortunately we are here! With funny quips and some great sit-coms. See what's being served!

Ryan - Bones

"Recently had a nostalgic trip after reactivating Disney+ and boy does this show slap"

Jono - The Bear

"Amazing cinematography, character nuances and complexity, emotional issues such as grief, addiction and trauma, this show brings so much to the table... but make sure to bring some snacks because you're going to get hungry."

Teddy - The Problem With Jon Stewart

"'Can’t think of a single problem with The Problem With John Stewart."

Dan - Dahmer

"Chilling story that goes beyond gore to show the formative moments in a serial killer’s life."

Marina - The Boys

"Definitely nsfw on so many levels. Watch at your own risk 😬"

Aash - The Mentalist

"A perfect intersection of crime and comedy. Electric chemistry between the cast and you won’t be able to take your eyes off Simon baker’s luscious hair."

Mihailo - Dahmer

"Had to spend 30 mins on TikTok after finishing the series just to feel happy again"

Sanjana - Mean Girls

"In honour of Oct 3rd! IYKYK."

Isha - Luxe Listings

"Will Delta Goodrem actually buy a house or not is the real storyline"

Kailash - The Last Dance

"It's made me buy Phil Jackson's book 11 Rings"

Urvin - She Hulk

"Save yourself and your time, don't watch she-hulk. Marvel take a bow and GTFO the stage already, you are the new DC!"

Archit - The Mole

"It's like Among Us with trashy reality show editing"

Sam - Modern Family


Tanmay - Welcome to Wrexham

"Considering buying a B-grade soccer team after watching this, don't tell my wife"

Ishaan - The King's Jester

"Signature Hasan - sentimental sprinkled with comic relief"

Jo - Chef's Table: Pizza

"Make sure you order one in advance! 🍕"

Matt - Bling Empire

"So much face filler, cat fighting and bling. Enjoyable watching people with obscene wealth cause drama for no reason!

Soujanya - Koffee with Karan

"70% of the show is KJO being in denial that he is legit going through mid-life crisis and the other 30% is him keeping us updated about who is doing who in Bollywood."

Shashika - Bling Empire

"srsly good! mind numbing tv 😂"

Rohit - Barry

"I'm definitely late to the party, but Bill Hader is awesome!"

Sangita - Mismatched

"With abrupt and weird ending of Mismatched season 1, looking forward to Mismatched season 2"

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