Sit-coms, laughs and House of Dragons might not be s**t

Sit-coms, laughs and House of Dragons might not be s**t

Sit-coms, laughs and House of Dragons might not be s**t

Everyone's looking for a laugh, fortunately we are here! With funny quips and some great sit-coms. See what's being served!

Aash - The Office

"Who needs a sleep mask when you can fall asleep laughing to this comedic masterpiece"

Ryan - Andor

"Definitely slid under the radar for me. But this is the best Star Wars show since The Mandalorian!"

Mihailo - Fall

"Knees were weak, palms were sweaty, but mum wasn’t spaghetti. I do not recommend you check out this thriller if you have a fear of heights, it’ll trigger your flight or fight."

Shashika - Heart Break High

"'Hilarious, well cast and covers a lot of interesting. Ow did I mention it's Aussie ☺️"

Sam - Mr Mercedes

"Part car show, part thriller"

Archit - Time To Dance

"More like Time to watch something else 🥱"

Kailash - Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga

"Most thrilling documentary about GME and the pyschology of buyers"

Sanjana - Abbot Elementary

"Quinta Brunson appreciation society. In love with everything about this show!"

Rohit - Dune

"A year late but wow"

Urvin - Rick & Morty SO6E04

"Sleepwalk into getting Fab abs"

Jo - Home Economics

"For your easy viewing pleasure"

Ishaan - House of Dragons

"The GOT savageness has started to creep in in Episode 5 & 6!"

Tanmay - Designing Miami

"This fed my OCD soul"

Soujanya - Heart Break High

"Sex Education + Euphoria + Sex + Rack off + More sex = Heartbreak High"

Isha - Thai Cave Rescue

"Great show - just watch it in Thai native with subtitles instead of the awkward English dub!"

Sangita - Sita Raman

"Truly Delightful movie"

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