Sports, K-Drama and our first couple pick!

Sports, K-Drama and our first couple pick!

Sports, K-Drama and our first couple pick!

The queen is no more, the Don't Worry Darling plot thickens and Joseph Gordon Levitt is Jiminy Cricket? It's been a long week for all of us and this is tiring enough to constitute a movie (or tv binge) night this weekend. Luckily we got the picks for you.

Dan - The Wrestler

"Gutwrenching portrait of a washed-up wrestler trying to find a sense of connection with others."

Sanjana - Loot

"Incredibly funny, heartwarming and amazing social commentary!"

Nikita - Legally Blonde

"One of my fave rom coms to re-watch! It's pink, powerful, hilarious and feminist 💕"

Ryan - Alchemy of Souls

"Rollercoaster of emotions watching this K Drama. A super sad ending as well if that's what you're after 😭"

Jo - Little Women

"The series just started, but stellar cast & promising premise"

Ishaan - Love Life

"Heartwarming (& breaking) take on modern relationships"

Foong Wai - Star Trek: Discovery

"I love the central theme on unapologetic exploration with the purpose of understanding other cultures"

Urvin - AFC Ajax vs Liverpool & Barcelona vs Bayern

"Let's see if barca's finance jugglery and borrowing from the future gets them back in europe's elites (I hope not)"

"Will last season's history defying almost quadruple winners be able beat the Ajax team affected (hardly) by a mass exodus of first team players (Jurgen the next german out of job?)"

Varun - Knives Out

"With the sequel coming out soon, time to revisit this fast paced no nonsense whodunnit"

Sam & Shashika - The Twelve

Sam - "Deals with the lives and experiences of people in such a tasteful way"

Shashika - "It's a well written series that is thought provoking"

Me - Mo

"Satirical and funny take on a palestinian guy trying to support his family while being undocumented"

We hope you loved this week's picks from our amazing community members, reach out to if you'd like too contribute or join the beta!