TV Quips: Bling, Bears and Britannia

TV Quips: Bling, Bears and Britannia

TV Quips: Bling, Bears and Britannia

Wondering what to watch for these weeknights? Look no further!

Urvin - I know what you did last summer

A show that keeps you hooked till the ending and keeps you guessing on who actually did it.

Sam - Gordon, Gino and Fred's: Road Trip

I don't think I've laughed this hard at anything in a while!

Soujanya - Dubai Bling

The show is materialistic af and just like that marrying a rich habibi doesn’t seem that bad at all 🙈

Sangita - Drink Masters

Loving it. Entered in the whole new world of mixologist & bartenders with innovative new cocktails🍹🍹

Archit - Dated & Related

A master-class in how to make the most of a ridiculous concept 😂

Teddy - See

A novel take on a dystopian future, where blindness has become synonymous with humanity.

Shashika - White Lotus

It is twisted and funny

Isha - Shantaram

Eat, Pray and Love but with a lot more violence.

Matt - Britannia (Series 3)

The hippy T-Rex musical Melodie’s with accent Roman murder & mystery in pagan England.

Ishaan -You Don't Know Me

Getting my Top Boy-esque fix while waiting for the next season's

Tanmay - The Bear

All the great drama makes me hungry for a sandwhich ;)

Abhi - Newsroom

Fast-paced newsroom drama with award winning acting and writing. Much needed inspiration for the media world today.

Marina - Street Food: Asia

Food docos are proving to be the best cure for post-travel blues 🍽️

Kanika - The Staircase

There is a documentary by the same name on Netflix, I actually preferred the documentary as it goes into a lot more detail about the case....still don't know if he did it or not.

Aash - Disenchantment

Another Matt Groening classic. Think the Simpsons but fantasy genre. Oh and funnier R rated humour.

Joel - Catastrophe

Watch a "relationship" develop that involves the entertaining Sharon Hogan, a six-night-stand, an unexpected pregnancy, and the classic fish out of water American in London. All brought together for a heartfelt comedy from 2015.

Kailash - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Bringing back the nostalgia.

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