TV Quips: Pepsi, playlists and psychology

TV Quips: Pepsi, playlists and psychology

TV Quips: Pepsi, playlists and psychology

Wondering what to watch for these weeknights? Look no further!

Soujanya - Pepsi, Where's my jet?

A 4 episode docu series to basically prove one point - write your PDS well and make sure to make it sticky across all assets.

Shweta - Stutz

Documentary about Jonah Hill and his therapist/psychiatrist. EVERYONE will relate to at least some concepts and gain something from it. Gives such an insight into the power of intelligent therapy. Feels like a free deep therapy session.

Shivani- Stutz

It's a must watch. Prepare to take some notes. Your mental health will thank you.

Zoe - Below Deck Adventure

if you like yelling ADVENTUREEE itโ€™s a really fun show

Matt - The Peripheral

Enhanced military units, time travel, faceless androids & moving into the future with conscious transferring body suits. Definitely worth a watch and one for the SF nuts.

Teddy - Halt and Catch Fire

It's as frustrating as it is captivating. Youโ€™ll probably either love or hate this one. I loved it.

Tanmay - Mythic Quest

Makes me consider becoming a douchebag video game producer walking around making random prophetic statements.

Mihailo - The Playlist

2022โ€™s The Social Network

Ryan - Kim's Convenience

Finally a relatable sitcom ๐Ÿ˜œ should've jumped on this way sooner

Isha - My Unorthodox Life

Season 2: An ugly divorce. Plastic surgery. Fashion. All the ingredients for the perfect reality show!

Kanika - The Noel Diary

Easy watch, love the snow scenery and Justin Hartley isn't half bad to look at

Rohit & Surya - Riches

S1 EP1 - a classic rich family drama set-up, keen to see where it goes from here