TV Quips: Wednesday and some ex-Royals

TV Quips: Wednesday and some ex-Royals

TV Quips: Wednesday and some ex-Royals

Wondering what to watch for these weeknights? Look no further!

Soujanya - Harry & Meghan

The fact that they call themselves "H&M", makes me want to say "No, thanks".

Isha - Harry & Meghan

Part 1 - A highly anticipated royal drama. Don’t expect any major explosions - that’s coming in Part 2!

Tanmay - Little America

A small anthology of true immigrant stories in America, really the definition of heart warming.

Aash - Superstore

A solid 8/10 version of the office. Great background viewing.

Teddy - Crash Landing on You

The K drama that I measure all other K dramas against. Perfect? Maybe.

Sam - The White Lotus

Watching rich people suffer has never been more entertaining.

Shweta - The Playlist

The way they tell the story is super interesting!! Love a good startup-to-success journey.

Surya - Jack Ryan

Re watching ahead of season 3 coming out. I remember it been a great action packed entertainer

Jake - Hacks

Imagine if the Marvellous Mrs Maizel was aggressively millennial.

Marina - From Scratch

This one needs a major warning before each episode to bring extra tissues 😭

Maura - Wednesday

Would recommend if you don't want to think too hard about a plat, like a little bit of gore and don't mind a bit of teen show corniness.

Koishore - Wednesday

Binged it on a Wednesday and can’t say I’m disappointed. Jenna Ortega is indeed the scream queen of 2022. 😍

Ryan - Wednesday

Starts off a bit slow but this show is one of the most bingeable of 2022