TV Quips: Cults, crowns and commission

TV Quips: Cults, crowns and commission

TV Quips: Cults, crowns and commission

Wondering what to watch for these weeknights? Look no further!

Aash - Primal Fear

A solid 1990’s legal drama that makes me wish I used my law degree more. I also see why Richard Gere was voted sexiest man alive twice.

Ishaan - Rings of Power

Just watched the first episode as I saw they're spending $50 mil per ep. The visuals are epic but the dialogue was oh so cringe. Not sure I'm a promoter yet 🤷‍♂️

Jake - Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

These women are properly unhinged. One is a straight up criminal. One possibly runs a cult? Just straight up bonkers.

Koishore - Afterparty

One of the funniest whodunits out there circling around a murder at a 15 year high school reunion. Yet another Apple TV original that didn’t fail to deliver!

Matt - Yellowstone

Season 1 is a masterpiece, just don't watch anything after that 😬

Rohit - White Lotus Season 2

I miss Armond but can't wait for episode 4 to drop

Ryan - Blockbuster

Starts off a bit slow as the humour takes a while to get used to but a nice watch!

Sam - Upright

An awesome Australian series that'll make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.

Shashika - From Scratch

A series about love and showing the honest truth that life is not linear. This series beautifully celebrates American and Sicilian culture ❤️

Shweta - Crown Season 5

I binged this over 3 days. If you grew up hearing about the whole Diana-Charles saga, this one will really have you glued.

Soujanya - Crown Season 5

Couldn’t connect. staff numbers are more than customers inside the store🤔

Tanmay - Buying Beverly Hills

Loving the crossover with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (although less drama 😭)

Teddy - The Restaurant

Food, nazis, class conflict, and family dynamics are all at the forefront of Swedish