TV Quips: Spotify, spooks and money laundering

TV Quips: Spotify, spooks and money laundering

TV Quips: Spotify, spooks and money laundering

Wondering what to watch for these weeknights? Look no further!

Marina - The Playlist

"Social network vibes but make it a miniseries! Love the spotlight on all the untold stories behind Spotifyโ€™s success"

Jono - The Playlist

"Brilliantly scripted and surprisingly funny"

Mihailo - Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay (Youtube)

"The campaign is a true cinematic masterpiece; with cutscenes that have you on the edge of your seat, a soundtrack worth of an Oscar, and AI enemies that are about as dangerous as Elmo in a boxing match"

Fahad - Ozark

"Late to the party here, but If you liked breaking bad you will LOVE this show. So many parallels and fantastic story telling!"

Jess - HandMaid's Tale Season 5

"Feeling too happy? This will fix it ๐Ÿ™ƒ"

Shweta - Four More Shots Please!

"Pure fun!! The perfect show to unwind after a big day at work!"

Sanjana - Love is Blind Season 3

"itโ€™s a trainwreck and I canโ€™t look away ๐Ÿ‘€"

Rohit - Suits

"Keep seeing the ghost of meghan markles"

Kanika - The Patient

"Pretty good! Bit slow and episodes only released weekly but now there's about 8 to binge!"

Teddy -Shantaram

Full of all the adventure I expect from Charlie Hunnan playing (yet another) convict with a heart of gold"

Shashika - Abbots Elementary Season 2

"2 still killing it ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ"

Sam - Bad Sisters

"Your DIY guide to murder"

Isha - The Watcher

"If you want closure, this one's not for you"

Sangita - 28 Days Haunted

"Intrigued to watch but not sure fake or real"

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